Hi! My name is Sarah Bowmar and thank you for visiting my website!

Here’s a little background about me:

I was born in South Bend, Indiana and my parents and my sisters and I moved all over the country growing up- which taught me how to be quite social if I wanted to have any friends in each new city! We finally landed in Toledo, OH where I went to high school and then it was off to Ball State for college. I majored in marketing and obtained my undergrad in 3 years and my MBA in 11 months- my parents said they would pay for 4 years of schooling so I wanted to get the most of out it!

After college I was fortunate enough to not only get a job, but a job in my field! I worked at a digital marketing agency for over 2 1/2 years (we basically did all of the things that traditional agencies didn’t do: websites, phone apps, video, etc). During this time I was exposed to the power of social media, website analytics, and the true power of a database.

While working at the marketing agency, I was also beginning to work out and lift. I was quite the cardio bunny in college so I needed to study A LOT when it came to lifting, form, technique, nutrition (didn’t have much of that in college either), etc. I was working out but needed an end goal so I started training for an NPC bikini show. I attended the Arnold in 2012 and 2013 and watched the pro bikini show and was hooked. I wanted to look like the sexy and strong women on stage. In 2013 I competed in 6 NPC shows and qualified for nationals in the majority of them.  I also finished my ISSA fitness nutrition course because my following on instagram was increasing tremendously and a lot of women were asking for help- I wasn’t going to provide them with help until I was certified to do so.

At the end of 2013, I reached out to a few companies for partnerships/sponsorships with products that I was using and believed in (marketing 101). One of the companies that reached back out to me was Isolator Fitness. I had been using the ISO bag for over a year at the point and it had helped me so much with meal prepping and staying on track. I told Dave, the owner, that I would do whatever it took to work the Arnold in 2014 because something deep down inside told me that it would change my life forever.

Late December I got the call, in church, that I was going to be able to work the Arnold and I was elated. The first and second day of the Arnold were exhausting to say the least- I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I got to meet so many fans and speak to so many ISO customers but I needed to work out, bad! Luckily there was one 24 hour gym in Columbus so I ventured over there to get a lift in (I was also training for a show at the time too). It was a headphones in, hat on, don’t talk to me kind of leg workout. My last exercise I hear “Hey did you work the Arnold?” from the other side of the gym…. Boy did I not want to deal with THIS. As soon as I turned around, my expression went from irritated to in love- no joke.


The man that had asked me turned out to be my future husband. Josh came up to me that night at the gym and we talked about fitness, careers, and goals. He had told me that he took a leap of faith a few years earlier and had been self employed building his own fitness brand ever since. That night I couldn’t sleep because all I wanted to do was the same thing! The next day at the Arnold, Josh came by my booth (did I mention he won the Arnold two years in a row)! Again, we talked for hours and he took me to dinner and the next day I decided that I needed to take a leap of faith as well. I was living in Toledo at the time and had been offered a marketing position in Columbus but was nervous to take it without knowing anyone. I put in my two weeks at work the next day, accepted the offer in Columbus, and moved.

I had a week off in between my old job ending and my new job starting. I was already working on my fitness brand but it was always just a hobby, never a career (because I was never told that I could be happy working, I don’t think anyone is told that). In that off week, I made more money working for myself than I would have made working for someone else in a month. I called and declined the marketing offer. I was officially moved for a job I didn’t take and building my brand with a man I had just met a few weeks earlier. I think that’s how soulmates work.

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Josh and I spend every single day together, building each other and collaborating on ideas and ways to help our clients more and more. He studied exercise physiology in college, was an academic All American, athletic All American, holds university records, has won countless NPC shows, won the Arnold twice, and is an IFBB pro- yes, I cook A LOT.

In September of 2014 we were fortunate enough to travel to Las Vegas for the Olympia with Isolator Fitness where we got engaged and then got married in January 2015.


My passion is helping people, it’s just a bonus I get to work along side my husband each day doing that. We are constantly researching and revamping our nutrition plans, workouts, etc. Helping people get to their after photo is what gets me up every single morning- and I can’t wait to help you. Thank you for reading!

Sarah B